The Smokehouse produces a wide selection of Premium Hand Smoked Seafood - smoked fish, pate, pies and chowder - all 100% natural and preservative free.

Our philosophy is to start with a quality product and make it even better – tastier, more delicious, more succulent.

Smokehouse products are ideal in salads, antipasto platters, canapés or simply by themselves with a crusty french loaf. Fish is best served at room temperature or warmed slightly to release the delicate flavours and oils in the product. Our pates are best served slightly chilled and our pies and chowders reheated to your liking.

All our products are chilled. Our fish comes vacuum packed with a 28 day shelf life and is packed random weight with each bag of fish weighing about 200g. Our pates have a 21 day shelf life and come in a 190g pottle or a handy 300g tri pack that has 100g of each variant in the pack. Our pies are vacuum packed with a 21 day shelf life and can be frozen for use later. The Chowder comes in a 500g pot with a 21 day shelf life and can also be frozen for use later.




White Warehou

A lovely soft and white delicate texture that flakes beautifully. Moist and oily with subtle smokey flavours.

Ideal as it is or with crusty bread or over a green salad.



Tarakihi is a medium-to-firm, thick flake textured fish and is moist and flavoursome. Very mild with a slightly sweet flavour.

Ideal in chowders, sushi, and pies.


Silver Warehou

Part of the Warehou family, a great option for something with bolder flavours than the white, but still a lovely white and oily flesh that flakes well.

Ideal with fettuccine or on your favourite pizza.


Southern King Fish

delicate medium textured white flesh, slightly sweet with a mild smokey flavour and high oil content.

Ideal in pies, curries and soups.



A delicate and moist flesh that flakes easily with a mild smokey flavour.

Idea in pies, curries and soups.


Blue Warehou

This medium textured, medium oil fish has a flavour that is neither too mild nor too rich. It holds together well and lends itself to a variety of uses.

Ideal in curries, chowders, soups and stews or for use in Mediterranean Medleys in the warmer months.



A very moist white flesh with a delicate texture and low oil content, harbouring a slightly sweet but mild smokey flavour.

Ideal in many applications from curries to casseroles and chowder.



Dark fillets but lighten on cooking. A very tasty and oily flesh that is ideal in pies and hash.

Available plain or with Lemon Pepper or Cajun Chilli flavours.


Seafood Pates

Smokehouse-productsPies web (3).jpg

Smoked Seafood Pates

All our patés are handmade from the finest selection of smoked King Salmon, smoked fish and smoked greenlipped mussels combined with our own special ingredients, preservative free and 100% natural.

Ideal when served slightly chilled with crusty bread or your favourite crackers.


Fish Pies and Chowders

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Smoked Fish Pies

A hearty authentic fish pie. Overflowing with our traditionally hand smoked fish combined with a lovely yet simple rue with no preservatives or fillers, surrounded by a tasty golden pastry. Re heat and eat.

Available in Family and Single serve size.


Smoked Fish Chowder

A traditional chowder full of hearty chunks of smoked fish and bursting with flavour. Combined with a house made brine using smoked ingredients and finished off with a dash of cream. Enjoy as is with some crusty bread or, for a fuller meal, over a bed of fluffy rice.